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Memebox Global #11 Unboxing and Review

so i am officially obsessed with Memebox.  it is literally my favorite thing right now.  i get so excited when new boxes come out, and don't even get my started on when i'm waiting for one to arrive.  the agony that comes along with not having detailed tracking information in korea or not knowing how long customs will hold onto my package is, well, embarrassing, to say the least.  much like the large pile of hot pink boxes piling up in my room that my roommate undoubtedly thinks is beyond excessive.

anyways, i briefly described Memebox in my last post, but in short, it's a service/shop that sends out tons of curated boxes full of awesome and fascinating korean beauty products.  you buy one-off boxes, so it's not a subscription service, but they release new collections all the time (no really, all the time.  it's really bad for my self-control...).  there's the general Memebox, and then they also have themed or branded boxes that can be really fun. the regular memeboxes tend to be $20-30, but there are plenty of boxes that are cheaper (~$15) or more expensive (for some of the branded or themed boxes, or "superboxes" which are supposed to be full of full-sized products).  it's always been a great value for me - i don't really care about the monetary value of a box, but it's always full of things that more than make up for the price i paid. more importantly, the amount of fun and cool things i get to try (often full sized if not very generously sized) is worth way more than what i pay for it!

anyway, today i'll be showing my Memebox #11 (no theme here). as usual, i am extremely pleased.

as with every memebox, there's a card telling you what everything is and how to use it (super useful if, like me, you can read korean about as well as you can go fishing with your bare hands).  so in this box we have the following:
Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

 1.  Dear By Enprani Believe in a Bottle Moistfull Booskin
Dear by Emprani Believe in a Bottle Moistfull Booskin Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Description: Booskin is a word made from combining 'booster' and 'skin toner'. Without the need for a separate toner and a first essence serum, this smart Booskin will relieve your skin with deep hydration and nourishment, boosting up the effects of skincare to its maximum.

The box says "Don't be jealous of her bright and flawless face anymore. The amazing Booskin is prepared for you. This boost

your skin more moist and elastic amazingly [sic everywhere]! 'Believe in the power of Booskin'"

Price: about $23 here (random website so take with a grain of salt) (as usual, i am just pulling these prices as estimates only, because the prices Memebox lists don't always seem accurate)

initial thoughts: Dear By Enprani already seems to have a good reputation for the curiously named Bounce Cheese Cream that everyone seems to rave about (i have yet to try it), so i'm already looking forward to this.  i have a few questions though.  1) why did "toner" not make it into this new word? why not boostoner? 2) what is first essence serum and why do i need to combine these hypothetically separate steps that are currently non-existent in my skin care regimen?  sadly i don't have an answer to the first question, but my impression is that this is supposed to be a combination toner and serum, although to be perfectly honest this doesn't seem like much of a multitasker to me.  but i'm ok with that.  the instructions say to dab on an "adequate amount" as the first step of your skincare routine. i put some on my hand, and it was definitely thicker than a traditional toner, and maybe even thicker than some serums - almost a gel-like liquid. i didn't notice much of a difference on my hand (though to be fair it didn't need any hydration), but i think the more sensitive skin on your face might feel more of a difference.  it was just the tiniest bit sticky, but not necessarily in a bad way, though i'd have to test it out on my entire face to really tell how it affects me.

2.  Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City

Description: Delivering abundant nutrition and moisture to your skin for an egg-smooth texture, this multi-functional CC cream will brighten up your complexion, protect from the sun, and take care of signs of aging as well.

Price: ~$24 at the same random website

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream Swatch Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Reviewinitial thoughts: awesome name (what is a dinoplatz? can i have one? i can't decide if it should be some sort of dinosaur accessory or a medical procedure).  super cute packaging.  a dinosaur climbing the empire state building (at least that's what i'll say it is)?  i am on board.  as for the product itself, it seems like it might be a bit light for me (and im pretty light skinned).  my hand is darker than my face though, so i'll have to test it out. as far as texture goes, it didn't seem like it would be cakey, which is good, but my hand is also much smoother than my face, so i have some testing to do.

3.  Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set - Sugar Mint

Description: Hope Girl's professional quality nail lacquers are densely pigmented, quick-drying and super long-lasting. The results are unique camera-ready nails just moments after application.

Price: $10 on Memebox (on sale from $14, but $10 is roughly what i found elsewhere)
Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set Sugar Mint Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set Sugar Mint Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set Sugar Mint Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

initial thoughts: cute idea, cute packaging.  i love that they're designed to be able to work together for cool nail art the way it's illustrated on the back of the box. unfortunately, i don't really wear blue or overly sparkly nail polish, so this will be going to someone else, despite my curiosity and desire to play with it just once.

4.  Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint #3 Funky Bloom

Description: This moist-full lip tint will plump up your lips for a more radiant, younger look.

Price: $14 according to Memebox
Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint 3 Funky Bloom Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review
 initial thoughts: this is the second lip tint i've received from Memebox, and maybe lip tints just aren't really my thing.  this one has an interesting texture - like the Booskin, it's a bit more gel-like than other tints i've tried.  it also lives up to its name as it most definitely tinted (stained, more like) my hand in the time it took me to take a picture of the non-blended swatch (and has not budged overnight!).  as is the case with a lot of other tints, this one is mildly drying, but nothing a swipe of lip balm on top wouldn't fix.  that being said, i don't think it lives up to its promise of being "moist-full" (side note: where is this word coming from?? it seems to be popping up everywhere in korean beauty products, but i just can't get behind adding "-full" to an adjective.  perhaps if i weren't so tiredfull today i would be more enthusiastic about this.)  anyways, my last comment on this is that the color isn't as bright of a pink on my lips as it is in the container, but, and maybe i'm applying it wrong, it gives me that "i just ate a popsicle" look, which is, interestingly, the same thing the last lip tint did.  this is fine if that's what you're going for (or if you're going for that gradient lip thing that i will never attempt to pull off), but considering i spend most of my time in a conservative office, it's not really what i need on a day to day basis.
Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint 3 Funky Bloom Swatch Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint 3 Funky Bloom Swatch Memebox Global Edition 11 Unboxing Review

5.  illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion

Description: This gentle, re-hydrating body lotion can be used on both your face and your body.  It will glide over your skin without being sticky and deeply replenish your dry, damaged skin texture.

Price: $22 here

illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion Review Memebox Global 11 Unboxing Review

illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion Review Memebox Global 11 Unboxing Review

initial thoughts: apparently amore pacific owns illi - who knew? (i don't know why i say this as if i've ever heard of illi before... but shh let me pretend).  love the design. it reminds me of the kind of thing i'd see in Muji (a japanese design store). as for the product itself, it seems pretty unremarkable.  i know a lot of people thought it was actually very drying.  i didn't experience that, it just isn't something i'd go out of my way to buy.  it smells citrusy but not amazing (again, some people complained it smelled too much like cleaning products, but i didn't feel this way).  it was strangely watery/liquidy once i rubbed it in, but it seemed to work just fine.  i don't think i would use this on my face, though that just may be a psychological block against using body lotion on my face.

6.  illi Green Tea Brightening Mask - total aging care

Description: This 100 percent cotton mask drenches the skin with green tea, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, while working to revitalize, comfort and provide intense hydration.  It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool.
Price: $3 each or about $12 for four

illi Green Tea Brightening Mask Memebox Global 11 Unboxing Reviewinitial thoughts: not much to say until i try it, except that i think it's strange they call it a brightening mask when the description says nothing about brightening. in any case, i love masks, green tea and brightening, so i will definitely give this a try.

7.  Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream

Description: Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream not only prevents water loss from the skin, but it also replaces lost moisture. With the power of White Flower Complex, Niacinamide and other botanical emollients provide abundant nutrition and amplifies the skins [sic] natural ability to look healthy. This cream's light and fresh texture absorbs easily into the skin and gives you a smooth and radiant finish.

Price: $34 according to Memebox

Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream Memebox Global 11 Unboxing Review

initial thoughts: full sized product!  of course eye creams are the ONE product i have waaay more than enough of and the last thing i need another full size of, but i can't complain.  the description certainly sounds hydrating and nice, albeit ungrammatical.  i don't really have any under eye issues at the moment though, so eye creams are basically all the same to me in terms of results since i don't see any, so it's all about the texture.  i haven't opened this yet since i have so many already, but will update once i do.

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