Friday, September 12, 2014

Memebox Brightening Skincare Unboxing and Review + Coupon

Wow, I am so behind on my unboxings, it's slightly overwhelming.  I just got back from a much needed vacation, which was lovely, but left a long trail of unreviewed boxes waiting for me... The first of these is Memebox #24: Brightening Skincare.  I've always had uneven, ruddy skin (there is nothing I want more than flawless, even skin some people are so lucky to have!) so I jumped right on this box.  Brighten away!  I got this box for only $13 due to $15 worth of points that I had to spend, so it would be hard for this box to not be worth it for me.  Without points, it would have been $27.  (Sidenote: Memebox randomly gives out points to existing accounts, and each point is equivalent to $1 in credit).

 Here's the box:

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing ISPREN rx Magic Eye Solution Wise PatchThe first item is the ISPREN Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch ($3).  This single use, hydro-gel (whatever that means) eye patch is supposed to sooth and lock in moisture and nutrition into your eyes, hydrating and brightening your under eye area.  More specifically, it treats "panda-eyes", thus, I suppose, the very enlightening diagram of a sad panda cheering up when he loses his black eyes (personally, I'm offended on behalf of all pandas out there who think they need to get rid of their spots... what are they trying to say here??)  Anyway...thankfully I don't really have dry eyes or dark circles, so even if this worked I probably wouldn't be able to tell.  I'll probably give this away or wait for a day when I really need it.

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing Finco Solution SpotThe second product is the Finco Solution Spot (full size, supposedly $42).  This is a clear gel that targets red, uneven spots or emergency break outs.  It's supposed to sooth and brighten up uneven, reddish spots and acne scars.  The "important" ingredient (I refrain from calling it the main ingredient, because the first two ingredients are water and glycerin) seems to be agrimonia extract.  Based on a quick google search, it seems to inhibit hepatitis b (just what I needed!) and have antioxidant properties.  It can also act as an astringent and is antibacterial.  I don't see any consistent material on its effect on acne scars, but astringent and antibacterial sound good for break outs.  That being said, I'd prefer something more obviously targeted at unevenness - I rely on prescription strength products for break outs, so probably won't be turning to this anytime soon for those.  I did try it on one red bump I had on my arm, and it didn't seem to do anything, but I'd have to keep using it to really tell.

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing CLEOSIS all in one water shining finisher The next product is the CLEOSIS All In One Water Shining Finisher (full size, $39). According to Memebox, this combines a toner, essence, moisturizer and primer all in one.  That's a lot of functions for one product, particularly given that all of the above typically have different textures!  In any case, it's used as the last step of your skincare routine (though really, doesn't toner through primer just cover everything?) and it's supposed to hydrate, firm up, brighten, and smooth out uneven skin texture, using galactomyces ferments, rice bran ferments, pumpkin ferments and other ingredients.  This sounds like quite the multi-purpose product, though I'm doubtful it can achieve all of these things.  Trying to keep my expectations realistic, I've been using this as a moisturizer (and only a moisturizer) and it has worked just fine, but I haven't noticed anything noteworthy yet.  It does have an interesting texture - it comes out as a white cream, but once I rub it in, the feel left over on my skin is more like that of a serum.  Definitely intriguing, and I will continue to test it out.

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing Yufit Eon Wheat Germ 97 EssenceThe next item is the Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence (full size, $36).  I received another product from this same line in Memebox Global #13 (review here).  I liked the wheat germ cream, although when my skin was sensitive it stung a little, so I'm looking forward to using this.  It's a whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening and moisturizing essence (a light serum) that moisturizes and balances uneven skin tone and texture.  This has a very watery consistency - just barely thicker than water, so it feels very light, which makes me feel like I could put it under my prescription treatments without interfering with efficacy.  I think this is another product that would require prolonged use to see if it works

Memebox Special #26 Brightening Skincare skin care review unboxing Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture MaskThe last product in this box is the Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture Mask (full size, seems to be roughly $12 value based on looking at a few other sites).  This mask can be used as a wash off mask (washing off a thick layer after 10-15 minutes) or as a sleeping pack (overnight, on top of your skin care routine), and it contains niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3 that has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for preventing moisture loss and evening pigmentation and dark spots.  I'm not sure how concentrated the niacinamide is, but I am definitely willing to give it a shot.  I used it as a wash off mask and it did sting a tiny bit at first (probably due to my sensitive skin and the fact that I had just used my Clarisonic), but it went away quickly and I didn't see any other negative effects.  It was a tad difficult to wash off completely, and I think it would be useful to have a Konjac sponge or washcloth to wash it off, though with enough effort my hands did the trick.  I think my skin did look slightly lighter (not necessarily more even though, just lighter all over), so  while not hugely noticeable, my first impression is that this does in fact do something.  Next time I plan on trying it as an overnight mask to see if the effects are more noticeable.  If so, I'll report back!

Anyway, as I said earlier, for $13, it would be pretty difficult for me to think I didn't get a good value out of this box.  While I don't think any item was over-the-moon exciting, I will definitely get use out of almost everything in this box, and everything but the eye patches are full sized so I will definitely be able to test them out over a long period of time.  If any of you have thoughts on this box, please do share!  I'm very curious to see other people's experiences with the products I test out.

If you're interested in trying out Memebox, you can use the code O4UP for $5 off your purchase.  Enjoy!

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